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Call for Proposals for Private Higher Education Institution Grants

Sub-component 1.3 of HEIP will provide support to private higher education institutions (HEIs), by awarding grants on a competitive basis. The aims of the sub-component are to (i) improve the quality of teaching and learning in STEM, Agriculture and Accounting fields, and (ii) improve the internal and external accountability and institutional governance.

Private HEIs who meet the eligibility criteria may submit one proposal for either a Full Grant or a phased grant. Full Grants will be implemented over three years with a maximum budget of USD 1 million for each grant. Phased Grants will be implemented over 2 phases; the first phase will be implemented over 12 months, with a maximum budget of USD 100,000 for each grant.

Deadline: 13th November 2020 at 5 p.m

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