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Education Congress 2012-2013

In the previous academic year, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport implemented programs of the Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2009-2013 in response to the Rectangular Strategy Phase II of the Royal Government of Cambodia of the 4th Legislature of the National Assembly, which was put into implementation through the National Strategic Development Plan updated 2009-2013 (NSDP) and key reform programs of the Royal Government.
Key achievements made by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in the previous
academic year include:

Part 1: Outcomes In Terms of Responses to Learning Needs

1. Overarching Results Of Education, Youth And Sports Sector

2. Sectoral Outcomes

3. Formulation Of Requirements And Education Sector Management

4. Monitoring And Evaluation

5. Policy Action Matrix 2011 And 2012

Part 2: Education, Youth And Sports Goals For 2012-2013 Academic Year

Part 3: Topics For Discussion