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Teacher Policy Action Plan

In 2013-14, the teaching staff represents 83.30% of the total MoEYS staff in the whole kingdom. There are currently 88,818 teachers in the system, among which approximately 52% who teach in primary, 31% in lower secondary, 12% in upper secondary, and 5% in preschools. One of the fundamental problems with teaching supply is that the number of educational personnel who move out of teaching profession (many leaving the teaching profession completely) is more than 2,000 per year (2012 2,017; 2013 2,137). At the same time, the total number of new teachers recruited and trained is around 5,000 annually. Particularly at the upper secondary level where the attritionrates continue to increase, which creates major supply problems and lowers quality. Moreover, the utilization of teachers including deployment and pupil-teacher ratio is not appropriately implemented compared to the principles sets.